Bylaws Committee

Shall be charged with the duty of considering and reporting to the Local

and Executive Board on proposals to change the Local Bylaws and Rules

Education Committee

Shall assist in developing the Local’s Education Program and with the Local

officers be responsible for effectuating the Union’s and Local’s education

Election Committee

Shall conduct all nominations and elections and referenda this Local in

Accordance with all states and federal laws

Finance Committee

Shall review the financial operations of the Local including the audits of the

books of the Secretary/Treasurer and make recommendations to the

local including budget for succeeding years operations

Organizing Committee

Shall assist the Local Officers and members in organizing all non-union

Employees within the Local’s jurisdiction

Legislative Committee

Shall assist in developing and pursuing the program of the Union and the

Local in the Legislative field.  It shall be responsible for the Local’s program

to register each qualified voter and to supply qualified delegates To the

appropriate local and state bodies recognized by the International CWA  

Building Committee

Shall investigate and make recommendations to the Executive Board for

approval by the membership for major repairs and additions the the

building or CWA properties

Recreation Committee

Shall assist the Officers in developing a program of fellowship for the local

Public Relations Committee

Shall be to promote the Local by gaining the goodwill of the members

and the public at large

Community Service Committee

Shall assist in developing all community services programs

The Women’s Committee

Shall encourage women to participate in Union activities in their Local  

and to assist the Union to carry out the programs in their Local

Committee on Equity

Shall investigate upon request of any steward, member or Officer of

Local 6201 to determine if a situation is unfair, unjust or non equity

treatment exist against any member and to promote and work with

Organizations to enhance minority involvement within the Union

Membership Committee

Shall except or reject membership application in accordance with the

Bylaws and rules of this Local and Article V of the CWA Constitution

and policies of the Union

Health & Safety Committee

Shall be responsible for gathering pertinent information regarding work

related safety and health issues.  This includes enforcement of the

Company’s responsibility to provide a safe work environment, worker’s

Entitlement  as provided for under the law and worker’s recourse in the

in the event of a violation    

CWA Committees

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